Drover Foods Cooked Sausages Drover Foods Cooked Sausages Drover Foods Stuffing
  • Orders Made To Spec
    We develop bespoke recipes to suit our clients’ requirements, from specific meat contents to piece size and distribution temperature.
  • Shorter Lead Times
    We can deliver customised products with short lead times to suit our customers needs.
  • Vetted Meat Sources
    We buy our meat directly from single species sites and don’t work with agents when sourcing our raw materials.

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Our Products Range

Drover Foods Cooked Sausages Drover Foods Cooked Sausages Drover Foods Cooked Sausages

Cooked Sausages

We offer: cooked sausage for a quick convenient breakfast, available in a range of meat contents to suit all budgets; sliced sausage for ready meals, we will slice to a thickness and diameter to suit you; flavoured sliced sausages for pizza can be tailor made, e.g. Italian Sausage, Spicy Sausage, Bavarian (Smoked & Cured) Style Sausage, Lincolnshire Sausage.

Provides defined unit costings as we guarantee the slice count per bag.

Drover Foods Raw Frozen Sausages

Raw Frozen Sausages

Raw frozen sausages are supplied IQF in pack sizes ranging from 750g to 5kg. Meat contents are tailored to suit all budgets.

Drover Foods Stuffing Drover Foods Stuffing


Raw & cooked stuffings are available in a range of flavours, e.g. sage & onion, sausage meat & fennel, spiced cranberry & apple. Cooked stuffings can be delivered as logs, diced (IQF), balls or in a crumbed format. The crumbed format is ideal for sandwich manufacturers as the stuffing doesn't need to be diced, grated or sliced on delivery, it can simply be added to the sandwich.

Drover Foods Breakfast Pudding Drover Foods Breakfast Pudding Drover Foods Breakfast Pudding

Breakfast Pudding

Black & white breakfast puddings are pre-sliced and supplied chilled or frozen in pack sizes ranging from 1kg to 5kg.

Drover Foods Fully Cooked Rostis Drover Foods Fully Cooked Rostis

Fully Cooked Rostis

Drover's potato rostis are fully cooked and suitable for ready-to-eat applications. Our rostis are prepared from grated maris piper potatoes and are blended with a range of ingredients, to make for example tasty bacon & onion rostis, bubble & squeak rostis or chorizo rostis etc. Rosti unit sizes depend on application e.g. bite size for canapés, torpedo's to suit hot-sandwich wraps/rolls or diced for pie toppings.

About Us

Drover Foods specialise in the manufacture of cooked sausage, sliced puddings, meatballs and pre-portioned stuffings. All products are bespoke and are manufactured to your specification using high quality store cupboard ingredients.

Product Development is carried out in-house which allows us to react quickly to our customers requirements. Drover Foods is a BRC Accredited Grade A facility. Our cooking process has an on-line logging system to record core temperatures, furthermore the process is fully validated to ensure maximum food safety.

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